Established 2008

Pitstop Café was the brainchild of the Carol & Sing Wong and has flourished since its inception. We specialize in Pan Asian food since 2008 in Berwick Street Market and now our next challenge is to firmly establish our new restaurant.

Pitstop first began in Berwick Street Market. Customers recognize instantly Pitstop’s small white trailer so much so that it has become a Soho food staple, which should not be missed for anything! Our menu is jammed pack with a great variety of different food [make sure to check out our menu].

We have also had the pleasure of having pop-up restaurants in St Anne’s Court as well as the belated Endurance bar around the Soho area.

Pitstop has also participated in local festivals such as Soho Food Feast, Berwick Street Record Day and London Dragon Boat Festival. Make sure to keep up to date with our next whereabouts!

Now in 2014 there will now be a Pitstop Eatery in Kentish Town opening this fall, don’t miss out! Bring your family and friends and take a Pitstop!

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